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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  March 17, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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every three health care dollars goes for corporate profits, stock options, executive salaries, advertising, marketing, costs of paperwork. this bill doesn't change that. this bill doesn't change the fact that the insurance companies are going to keep socking it to the consumers. if my vote is to be counted, let it count now for passage of the bill. hopefully in the direction of comprehensive. >> luke, congressman kucinich, what changed his mind? was it the pressure from the white house, that ride on airforce one with president obama? >> that certainly had a lot to do with it, tamron. dennis kucinich is well known as one who likes to garner attention for himself and the personal attention the president paid him looks to have definitely been worth it in this case. he is actually the first no from the health care vote in november to officially come out as a yes this time around. he is really echoing something we've heard in the halls here from progressives who originally
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wanted to hold out for a public option, folks from the latino hispanic caucus who say they don't want to vote for this because illegal immigrants might not have a chance to buy insurance. they're coming to realize now it's probably better to have one foot in the door and go along with a bill they don't necessarily agree with that they can fix later is their hope rather than have no bill at all. it's quite interesting, you saw dennis kucinich not wanting to be that democrat who lost health care reform for the entire party. also it's probably possible he would have been primaried which is never good for an incumbent member of congress. >> luke, what's the timeline as far as when we might see the vote? >> reporter: three letters. cbo, cbo, cbo. we are waiting for the congressional budget office to release the actual fine print of the bill. what's going to be released? how much does this bill cost? what exactly is in there? until we have that, we cannot go forward with a vote. why? speaker pelosi said she's going
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to give the public 72 hours to review this language so if it's released right now that means saturday is the earliest. why is it so important? the president, wheels up for asia sunday morning. he delayed his trip to be here. the numbers better come out today or he might not be here to see it. very interesting drama up on capitol hill. >> as always, the good drama there. thank you very much, luke. coming up later we'll hear from democratic congressman john larson of connecticut, the democratic house caucus chair. we'll talk to him about his thoughts. he believes this is going to pass very soon. breaking news from albany. another top level aide for new york governor david paterson has resigned. this as questions continue to swirl about scandals involving domestic abuse and yankees tickets. wnbc investigative reporter jonathan dietze joins us live with more details. what's behind this latest departure from his staff? >> reporter: well, it's the press secretary who announced her resignation today. she is leaving.
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she was apparently unknowingly brought into the domestic violence case by sending an e-mail to a friend of the woman to try to see if this woman would step forward and make a claim that there was no violence between the woman and one of governor paterson's aides. as a result she said she was unwittingly brought into this and she is resigning and no longer can do her job effectively. so this would bring to five now the number of aides or officials linked to the governor who have resigned. you see the communications director go, the press secretary go, two state police leaders as well as the public safety director all leaving for various reasons as the investigation continues. >> any reaction from governor paterson? >> reporter: he has said he is moving forward. he spoke out today at the st. patrick's -- before the st. patrick's day parade -- basically saying he is moving forward, naming replacements, and that when the facts come out, he will be cleared of any
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wrongdoing and that he says he's not going to comment much further on the details whether it be the allegations that he intervened in this domestic violence case or whether he lied under oath regarding the world series tickets. he is putting out statements or e-mails from aides showing that, hey, he was invited to that world series game. he didn't improperly take free tickets to his office, so those are the two parallel cases going on, the domestic violence and world series and it's now up to investigators to let us know what the truth is here. >> another resignation. thank you very much, jonathan. authorities in mexico say they may be close to an arrest in last week's killing of three people with ties to the u.s. consulate in ciudad juarez. officials say the key to their investigation may lie in traffic and surveillance cameras scattered around the city. they also say the murders of an american couple and mexican man whose wife worked at the consulate may have been a case of mistaken identity.
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drug gang and hitmen are being blamed and all of this comes as thousands of american college students begin to head to mexico for their big spring breaks. nbc's kerry sanders in one of the popular destinations, acapulco, where drug violence is also raging. >> reporter: tamron, the spring breakers have come here to mexico at the same time there is an all out drug war in this country. the warning from mexican officials? beware. acapulco's beaches are as beautiful as ever but there is an ugly back drop here. the drug cartel violence. in the past 72 hours, warring drug gangs here have assassinated at least 19 people, four of them beheaded. american kids here on break say it's unsettling to find armed police protecting them from the deadly violence, which in some cases is just three miles away. >> me and my friends try to stick in groups and at night time we're trying to make sure
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even though the clubs are far away we're not trying to venture from the touristy area. >> reporter: still the college students are here. not as many as last year but an estimated 10,000 spring breakers are expected this year lured in part by mtv's annual spring break bash on the acapulco water front. with those grisly murders and the recent killings of two americans 1100 miles away on the mexican/u.s. border near el paso, texas, there is no escaping the tension. >> definitely on your mind but i feel pretty safe with the military and the police all around the motels. it's definitely evident everywhere you go. >> what did your parents say? >> be careful, my mom said. very worried about me. >> reporter: even the heavily armed police have been targeted by the drug cartels. those on patrol where the spring breakers are gathering say there is little to fear. is it dangerous here in acapulco? >> translator: no i don't think so.
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>> reporter: but this mom says she is still uncomfortable her 20-year-old daughter shannon and buddies from uc-santa barbara are headed to mexico. >> i'm concerned but i am, i think, appropriately concerned about a spring break trip. >> reporter: shannon and her friends are going to go to cancun instead of here to acapulco but that area has also seen violence across the country. the drug war last year resulted in more than 2600 murders. also in fargo, north dakota the race is on to put 1 million sand bags in place. the red river is rising fast. now college students and even children who weigh less than the sand bags are pitching in to help in the effort to keep flood waters at bay. the river is expected to crest on sunday. the weather channel's julie martin joins us live from fargo. julie, this community is still recovering from last year's record flooding so i imagine there is a lot of fear as they try to put the sand bags in place. >> reporter: there is a lot of fear, tamron, but a lot of hard
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work, too, so it's a pretty good distraction. you mentioned those volunteers and the city expects about 1600 high school and middle school aged kids to be helping, rolling up their sleeves today. college kids coming in from all over the region as well. and that goal of reaching a million sand bags by 5:00 this evening so they're well on their way. they had about a quarter left as of this morning. now, i was in some of the neighborhoods and i can tell you that they are in pretty good shape. in talking with residents here they said we went through this last year. we have great training because we were doing this last year as well and neighbor helping neighbor is really the key here in fargo. as i mentioned, the hope is to have those million sand bags out by this evening. the river as it stands is right now at 31 feet. major flood stage is 30. by sunday morning at 7:00 a.m. the river is expected to rise to around 38 so that's just shy of what it reached last year. still, major flood stage, though, and a lot of work taking
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place here. they've actually closed off the first avenue bridge here as well and asking people not to drive on 7th street because they want to allow as many trucks to get out with the sand bags and clay as possible and get the levees built. a lot of hard work going on and the hope is all the preparation will pay off. >> we sure wish them the best as they work hard to save their homes. thank you very much, julie. a big break in the poker game heist caught on live television. armed thieves made off with more than $300,000 during a high stakes poker tournament in berlin. the video shows stunned players looking around trying to figure out what was going on. nbc news has confirmed a suspect in the case has turned himself in. we're following developments from our london bureau. >> reporter: apparently this man who turned himself in was the one whose image was captured after a security guard managed to grab him and put him in a head lock. he did escape. he is 21, of turkish origin and he has been talking.
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he has named his three accomplices and given the police some addresses. the police stormed those places and found them empty but say they are hot on their trail. the raid that the five star berlin hotel was so daring it looked more like fiction than truth. it looked like a movie. a major poker tournament was under way in the middle of the afternoon. this was being broadcast on the internet and filmed for television which is why all the pictures exist. these four men armed with machetes and guns stormed in and demanded the entire jackpot of about $1.36 million. eight people were injured in all the panic that ensued including a security guard who tried to intervene. in the end the robbers managed to get away with about $330,000. they may not make it too far, though, because the german police now have their names. they also have issued pictures of them because they say they were known to police for previous offenses. the man who turned himself in says they cased the hotel before the robbery and decided to go ahead with it when they realized the guards didn't have any guns.
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so it was a daring raid but perhaps not so smart in its execution the police say. apparently one of the robbers wasn't wearing guns so their fingerprints, dna evidence, lots of security cameras operating at the time. now that their names and pictures are out there probably going to be tough to stay in hiding. >> all right, dawna. attorney general eric holder says osama bin laden will not live to see the inside of an american courtroom. up next we'll ask our msnbc analyst if he thinks that statement is true. plus our very own rachel maddow goes one-on-one with treasury secretary timothy geithner. at issue? what is needed to clean up wall street? we're learning more about a washington woman and her 8-year-old son who mysteriously vanished over the weekend. this just in via text message and wall post:
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welcome back.
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i'm tamron hall live in the control room at msnbc. president obama's thanking lawmakers today including republicans in the senate for passing a jobs package. the bill includes a payroll tax holiday to companies that hire new employees. it would also pump some $20 billion into the federal highway crux fu construction fund. >> it is the first of what i hope will be a series of jobs packages that help to continue to put people back to work all across america. >> and the senate passed the vote with 11 republican votes. there is controversy today over comments attorney general eric holder made at a congressional hearing yesterday. holder said osama bin laden will never be tried in the united states because he believes the terror mastermind won't be captured alive. under tough questioning by texas republican congressman, holder defended the obama administration's decision to try some terror suspects in civilian
2:16 pm
courts. >> granting osama bin laden the right to appear in a u.s. courtroom you are clothing osama bin laden with the protections of the u.s. constitution. >> we were talking about a hypothetical that will never occur. the reality is we will be reading miranda rights to the corpse of osama bin laden. he will never appear in an american courtroom. >> joining us now msnbc news terrorism analyst, roger, good to have you on. what did you think when you heard those remarks by mr. holder? >> i think he's right for two reasons. the most likely scenario is we'll probably kill bin laden from the air with a predator drone strike or something similar and if there are ground forces, pakistani or u.s. special forces closing in, most people believe the security surrounding bin laden will kill him, that he will not be allowed to be taken alive. i think that in rnlarge part is where the attorney general is coming from though it is entertaining to hear him utter the word "corpse" when talking about bin laden.
2:17 pm
>> what do you make of the tone? eric holder has been under a lot of pressure and criticism from republicans about the way he is handling terror suspects and some other decisions. what do you make of the pushback he is giving lawmakers? >> i think he has to defend not only himself but the department's position on these issues. frankly, i think his position is the right one from a counterterrorism perspective. i think the congress has done a fantastic job of grandstanding on this issue but the reality is more people have been convicted in civilian courts than they have through the military commission. over 800 people have gone through guantanamo. only three have actually gone to a commission where they've been convicted and one of them is in custody right now. the other two have been set free. the republicans when they criticize this are conveniently forgetting some of the basic facts when they talk about the difference between military commissions and civilian courts. >> let me ask you finally, is osama bin laden still relevant at this point? i mean, eric holder says he will be killed by his own people rather than being brought into this country. so many other countries now that we are looking at, yemen,
2:18 pm
nigeria where these terrorists are coming from. >> he is completely relevant for several reasons. first, he was the mastermind behind 9/11. he needs to be brought to justice. second is he is still inspiration and a leader of a movement and he has to be eliminated for that reason. and the third reason is as long as he is alive the clad central organization has a leader that they can support and gather around. we need to eliminate that leader as a key element of eliminating the core al qaeda group. >> thank you very much. we'd like to know what you think of the remarks made by eric holder. twitter me at we like to pick out a tweeft the day so we'd love to hear your thoughts. scalpers are already capitalizing on tiger's big return to the golf game at the masters. we'll get the latest in a live report from augusta. dad, here, look at this. your p.a.d. isn't just poor circulation
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welcome back. a dramatic river rescue in arizona caught on tape. take a look at this. a man got stuck in a tree after his kayak flipped over in the river. he managed to hold on for two hours until the rescue helicopter was able to be called in. the rescuer hanging from the chopper reached in and grabbed that stranded man and pulled him to safety. you see it there. the man later told reporters he and his friends swam ashore after their kayak flipped over and then he thought it was a good idea to go out and swim and try to retrieve it, somehow got stuck in the tree. you bet he's happy right now. the effect of tiger woods' planned return to golf at the masters next month is now being felt big time. take a listen to this. tickets for the opening round on thursday april 8th are now being offered on stub hub for over $2500. on ebay bids are up to three grand. the face value of the tickets? $200. nbc's peter alexander joins us now from the site of the masters. peter, that is an incredible amount of money.
2:23 pm
when you think about it, i know you've been reporting, the masters is a very controlled environment but this is something that may actually be beyond their control in some ways. just look at the ticket prices. >> reporter: well, that's exactly the case, tamron. this is a tough ticket for fans certainly though they still fit 35,000 to 40,000 instide the gates. it's also a tough credential for the papparazzi. it is almost impossible to get in this place. the credential deadline for the types of folks who want a picture of tiger or elin was even before the scandal broke. so you better believe that has something to do with the fact that tiger woods selected this site, one of the most revered places in all of golf, as a place to rebegin, reboot his brand, his career, if you will. he has long dominated the sport. the last time he stepped onto a golf course before the scandal was 12 days before he hit that fire hydrant in florida and opened up the tabloid flood gates. he won the australian masters but accompanying him there was not his wife elin. instead at the time it was reportedly his mistress number
2:24 pm
one as she was described, rachel uchitel. as for elin, she was seen just yesterday, the same day that tiger put out the statement saying he is back. she was back but the wedding ring was not. she had her 2-year-old daughter sam in her arms but again as we noted there was nothing on her finger, another statement that the two of them whether trying to reconcile the relationship or not are clearly not on the best of terms at the moment. >> peter, what do we know about the potential tv ratings? i know it airs on the first day or so, airs on one network and then the final rounds on another. >> reporter: that is exactly the case. first it will air on cable and then to one of the primary networks. what is significant about this is in 1997 when tiger woods was just 21 years old and won the first of his four masters championships, the final round there had a record-setting day for golf -- 43 million fans. if tiger is in contention, he has to do well over the first two days to even compete in the final two days to make the cut as is said in golf.
2:25 pm
if he does make it and if he is in contention for the final day the folks who are looking to buy advertising dollars and the folks looking to watch this event will be in front of televisions to see what happens here. tiger said it was here at the masters that he became a man when he was just a 21-year-old and i guess we'll have a chance to see what kind of man he has grown to be. >> i wasn't trying to dangle a carrot and not say the networks. it's espn and cbs right? people will find out where it's aired. >> saturday and sunday, our sister networks. >> thank you very much. one of the most vocal opponent of president obama's health care reform bill has had a change of heart. dennis kucinich says he'll vote for the bill but what about others? we'll talk with john larson. he is confident the bill will be passed. a principal posts the names of failing students for everyone to see. some parents are pretty upset and they say he has crossed a line.
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treasury secretary timothy geithner calls the upcoming battle over financial regulatory reform a, quote, just war. during a wide-ranging interview with msnbc's rachel maddow he also defended his own record. >> a lot of democrats in the congress are looking forward to being able to run on wall street regulation, these new rules for wall street. and with republicans essentially signaling they're mostly going to oppose them it gives democrats an opportunity to say we're running against wall street which a lot of them are salivating i think at the chance to do that. your political image does not help them do that because you are seen as a wall street guy. do you think that image is unfair? >> first, you know, you know this. >> i bet everybody thinks you are. people think you worked for goldman sachs. they think you were a banker. >> never worked on wall street just so your audience knows. i spent every job i've had in
2:30 pm
life since i came out of graduate school in effect has been working as a public servant in government. i've never worked for a bank, never run a bank, never worked for a hedge fund. but i sat at the new york fed. i sat at the treasury. and i watched what financial crises do to the innocent victims across the country and i feel a huge sense of personal responsibility and obligation to make sure we are putting in place the kind of reforms we need to create a more stable, safer, more fair system in the future and i am working very hard to make sure we achieve that. i think this is a just war. i think it's a necessary and important thing to do. we have a deep obligation to do this. >> you can certainly see more of rachel maddow week nights at 9:00 p.m. eastern time right here on msnbc. democrats in the house are trying to get to a vote by saturday on health care reform and while the white house is expressing confidence that the bill will pass, there's no word yet that they've got the 216 votes they need. joining me from capitol hill democratic congressman john larson of connecticut, the house democratic caucus chair. thanks so much for joining us,
2:31 pm
congressman. >> happy to be here, tamron. >> let me ask you. you were pretty confident in an interview i just read. you think this is going to get passed. what's fueling the fire for you? >> well, what's fueling the fire is people like dennis morris, staffer who called him in the midst of our caucus, and relayed a story that is so poignant and heart rendering that it brought a still to the caucus. in terms of the significance and importance, the historic significance of this vote, but more importantly the impact on people. a 24-year-old woman who has been diagnosed with cancer, dennis as you may know, tamron, is leaving congress and so she'll be without a job. and she is not sure whether she can get any insurance. that's what this has come down to. a question of whether or not you're on the side of the people or you're on the side of the insurance industry. >> congressman, in our recent poll the nbc news/"wall street
2:32 pm
journal" poll it shows americans are split even with those heart-wrenching stories you've just mentioned. >> they're split in general when they look at what's transpired over the last year and all the angst and concern and anxiety and the fear. but when you get to the heart of any poll and talk about pre-existing conditions and rescinding of insurance policies, and the ability to cap costs. >> right. >> or close the doughnut hole for the elderly, then the american people are solidly behind us and what they need is a bill and what we need is an up or down vote. that will happen and we'll succeed this weekend. >> so if your argument is solid and sound why can't you and others convince members of your own party to vote yes? i mean, we saw dennis kucinich. hang on. before you answer that let me play how he put it today, his change of heart. >> sure. >> i know i have to make a decision not on the bill as i would like to see it but as it is. this is not the bill i wanted to
2:33 pm
support. even as i continue efforts into the last minute to try to modify the bill. >> you hear him there saying it's not a perfect bill but he will support it. why haven't we seen more house democrats who have been wavering do the same thing? >> i think we have. i think this is a very private and personal thing and contacts are being made on a regular basis. i believe that the votes are there. but we have a responsibility to make sure that we get to the members. we're still awaiting cbo reports, etcetera. but i remain confident and optimistic that we have the votes. i remain so because of people like natoma canfield whom the president talked about the other day. this is resonating with the members. i believe that will carry the day for us and i feel confident we have the votes. >> what about the tactical maneuver many people are suspicious of? >> the maneuver that newt gingrich used over a hundred times? >> yes. those maneuver.
2:34 pm
yes. >> these are really not maneuvers but just procedures. again, the procedure that the american people want to see are the procedures that will stop insurance companies from rescinding their policies as they're on their way to the hospital. that will stop insurance companies from preexisting conditions eliminating their ability to get insurance, that is the cause for more bankruptcies in the united states than anything else. >> but the bottom line, sir, you are okay with deem and pass? you're fine with, if that terms out to be -- >> deem and pass is really nothing more than -- if we went to a conference report, right, we would amend that conference report. we would then take the amendment to the floor. in this case it'll be what we call reconciliation. but again, we get down with this stuff and the public doesn't give one hoot. get the job done. >> right. >> what's going to get done is we're going to get this passed on behalf of the american people. it'll be historic in terms of coupling with social security and medicare and now health care
2:35 pm
under obama. >> we know a lot is at stake for the democrats because there are many people who question whether or not they can lead and lead together. we'll see what happens in the coming days. thank you, sir. >> a lot is at stake for the american people. >> and for the party. >> thank you. >> thank you. we've got breaking news to report. in glen burnie, maryland, we're looking at a bus accident. you see someone being treated on the ground about 20 minutes from baltimore, maryland. this is some of the video that's coming in. i'm not sure if it's -- it looks like a city bus not a school bus and a single vehicle involved in that accident. you see the guy standing there propped on the trunk, the back of the rear of his car. we saw someone lying a few minutes ago, a few seconds ago getting some type of treatment. i'm not sure of the severity of this. but a bus accident, looks like at least one car is involved in this. you see officers there. one person earlier was being transported by emergency workers there on the scene. you see that person kind of holding his head, his or her head. this is in glen burnie about 20 minutes from maryland.
2:36 pm
and a bus accident. the maryland vehicle authority involved in this. so we'll keep you post fed. police in philadelphia say they have a suspect in custody after a man and possibly an accomplice stole a city bus this morning. the bus as you can see crashed into several cars, even took down some power lines. an unspecified number of injuries were reported. continental airlines passengers will now pay extra if they want an extra seven inches of space. get this. the airline now charging more for exit row seats, high mileage frequent flyers will still be able to get the exit row with no additional charge. sandra bullock a no show at the london premiere of her movie "the blindside." pop culture columnist courtney hazlett joining us and this is a big deal. >> correct. "in touch weekly" broke a story with a woman claiming to be in a relationship for a period of
2:37 pm
time with jesse james sandra bullock's husband and said the two of them were having an affair while sandra was filming "the blind side." this broke today and a statement release bide her publicist said due to unforeseen reasons the trip abroad to support "the blind side" has been deemed impossible. i apologize for any inconvenience. thank you for your continued support of the film. i reached out to her publicist to see if the unforeseen personal reasons were directly related to the allegations. i have yet to get any substantive comment whether that is the case but indeed a sad story if this turns out to be true. >> she has had a dream year. you would hate to see it. >> she thanked her husband for showing her love and helping her through this. >> time and again. >> we hope this is not the case. in other more delightful news, conan o'brien is doing this big comedy tour this summer. this comes as great news to fans who want to see him before he is allowed back on television. turns out there might be a documentary made out of that comedy tour.
2:38 pm
he can't appear on tv but he can appear in a movie. his exit contract with nbc stipulated that he had to wait until september for any other sort of television deal. this would be a great way of letting fans of his see the inside workings. >> keep his name out there. >> exactly. a fantastic idea. also, there were rumors swirling in the music world that the dixie chicks might have broken up. >> what? >> hugely popular band. >> i really like them. >> i think we can put it to rest. they've announced a tour this summer, touring alongside keith urban so i think that's a fantastic ticket. >> that is a good one. >> interesting, too, the dixie chicks were one of the first groups to be very politically outspoken. >> i'm not ready to make nice. >> exactly. it's an interesting time in our political process to see them come back and be outspoken. >> right. they were booed off stage and even threatened but they came back. >> coming back again. >> thank you, courtney. you got it. >> for the latest entertainment news including more updates on sandra bullock. >> there are already updates
2:39 pm
right now. >> courtney will continue to get that, go to the majority of americans are sick and tired of washington lawmakers and they want to send them all packing. that's not what i think but what a new nbc/"wall street journal" poll says folks at home are thinking. we'll talk with jonathan capehart who has an article about it. also ahead accused murderer casey anthony wants the state to foot her legal bills. our award-winning cc... white one! [ chuckles ] ...or the fuel-efficient jetta... red one! ...or the tiguan... black one! oh!! two for flinching. plus, every volkswagen includes no-charge scheduled carefree maintenance. silver one! [ groans ] on any volkswagen? [ exhales, sighs ] yeah. [ male announcer ] with great deals on all 13 models... silver one! [ male announcer ]'s a whole new volkswagen, and a whole new game. ♪
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2:43 pm
and veggies each day. the key word is "raw." the same study found no stroke protection for those who ate processed fruits and vegetables. a power outage knocked out lights on the san francisco oakland bay bridge before dawn today. the highway patrol says it did not seem to affect traffic even though that's a pretty trafficy shot. a failure in an underground cable is being blamed. crews are working to restore power fully. it is the second time in about a month the bridge lights have gone out. and the fiance of a missing washington state woman is speaking out. she and her 8-year-old son disappeared over the weekend on their way to a relative's home. smiley's fiance says she is a recovering alcoholic and had a relapse last week but he does not think that had anything to do with her disappearance. her trial is more than a year off but casey anthony is reportedly out of money and wants the state to pay her legal bills. anthony is charged with first-degree murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter
2:44 pm
caylee. her trial is set to start may 2011. she is due in court to plead her money case tomorrow. americans are apparently sick and tired of washington and the lawmakers in congress. take a look at our latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. does it reflect how you feel? congress's job approval is taking a beating, 17% approval. 77% disapprove. and when we asked americans if you could or would replace every single member of congress? 50% said yes. 47% say no. jonathan capehart has some thoughts about this. he is editorial page writer for "the washington post." jonathan, what's your theory here? >> well, you know, in politics the conventional wisdom is that american people hate congress but they like their individual member of congress, the person they vote for to send to washington. what this poll shows is that that conventional wisdom is blown up. 50% of the people surveyed said they wanted everyone out and replaced with somebody else.
2:45 pm
that's devastating. but there's another bit of data there that i don't know if you have a chiron for that but 72% of the 50% said that they would do it even if it meant retaining control for the democrats of congress and 73% said they would do it even if it meant republicans gaining control. >> even if it meant the party you don't support being in control basically these folks said they'd go for it. >> yeah. you know why? it's because the american people are tired of washington. they are tired of the inaction, the gridlock, the hyperpartisanship. they've had enough of it. we've seen it in the elections of 2006 when the house and senate went back to the democrats. we saw it in 2008 with the election of president obama. and to show the bipartisan nature of this, in new jersey, massachusetts, and virginia the incumbent party or the incumbent was thrown out for someone else.
2:46 pm
in those cases republicans. >> people might ask, is this happening more now because of health care not being able to get anything done on a bipartisan basis? or have we just been ignoring a simmering fire that's now a volcano? >> right. it's more that we've been ignoring a simmering fire. joe scarborough and i talked about this on "morning joe" this morning and he delivered what i thought was an incredible indictment of washington, the inaction of washington, stemming all the way back to 2000. this is something that's been going on for a very long time and now the american people have had enough. >> well, what do people do? other than say i've had enough and vote in the next man or woman. this will then just turn into a vicious cycle where if you're an incumbent you better watch out. >> you got to watch out but i do think that probably a lot of these people are independents and independents are not about party. they're about solutions. so the person who is running who can come up with a credible solution to a problem for a particular constituency, that
2:47 pm
person is going to gain attention. and that's what washington has to -- folks on capitol hill here have to pay attention to. >> how does the president and the democrats in charge now take this information in your opinion and make it work at least for the rest of his administration? >> well, i think probably the number one thing, personally speaking, is to get the health care reform package passed. get it done so that at least the white house and the folks on capitol hill can say, we got something done. after more than a year, 15 months of discussing health care reform, we've got something done. they got the jobs bill done today but that's two big accomplishments in a term that lasts four years and it's already a year and a few months in. they have to get stuff done. >> all right. jonathan, greatly appreciate it. a lot of people are talking about this. in fact, i have a tweet here. we're talking about dennis kucinich and he had a big press conference today announcing he would in fact support health
2:48 pm
care. one person wrote, kucinich, he does not need 15 minutes of fame or obama's attention. he's a hero of the left and she feels like we're kind of giving him this attention, he's been a brat and just wanted the 15 minutes of fame or the president's attention and he got a lot of attention today. let me know your thoughts. are you fed up with congress? do you think this will ever end or will it be people just going back to the polls and switching out the man or woman that they consider their representative? irish eyes are smiling all over the world today. take a look at the sights and sounds from ireland, st. patrick's day revelers taking to the streets in dublin. that looks fun. the festival draws a huge crowd as you can expect every year. and the white house is going green. the waters in the famous fountain have been dyed green for the second year in a row, this one on the north lawn. but of course -- and they do that in chicago too and i think the first lady kind of stole the idea. of course here in new york the big party is right up and down 5th avenue this year police
2:49 pm
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well there's a lot going on today and here are some things we thought you should know. hawaii the state where president obama was born does not want to deal with those so-called birthers who claim the president was born outside the country. well, the state is now considering a bill that would allow local officials to ignore repeated requests for the president's birth certificate. andrew young former top aide to john edwards has now signed on with a hollywood super agent ari emanuel the brother of rahm emanuel. his recent book dishes on the
2:53 pm
scandal with edwards' mistress. they're considering turning his life into a movie and he says guess what? he would like actor danny devito to play it. no word on whether he is kidding. president obama marked st. patrick's day today and prompted an irish reporter to pose this question today. >> after you pass health care would you then come to ireland? >> do you have a vote in the house? >> would you? >> and those are the things we thought you should know. crossing the line? tell me. a teacher is trying to shame students into working harder in class and may have ended up on the wrong end of that idea. dave shopky is the principal for marshall middle school in wisconsin and according to reports has long punished students by barring them from dances and other special functions when they fail. he decided to step things up a bit so near his office posted
2:54 pm
the names of students who were failing for every one who came by the office to see. so the idea, embarrass students into doing home work. that was the plan. but some students and their parents cried foul saying that was an invasion of student privacy. "the wausau daily herald" interviewed one angry mom who said her daughter has a learning disability. it's frustrating. it wasn't anyone else's business. i'm trying to protect my kids and give them the best education they can get for their abilities. the school superintendent bruce king told the paper he was not trying to embarrass anyone. quote, he made a mistake. he knows he made a mistake. well, the teacher, the principal told the paper 80% of the failing students that he kind of outed in that list, well, they turned in their home work and raised their grades in a 24-hour period after he posted that controversial list. so was it a case of tough love or is it a case of crossing the line? you tell me. reach out to us at
2:55 pm to vote or twitter us directly i'm really curious how this one will shake out. one of my workers said no, that's just mean. that wraps up this hour. i'm tamron hall. join me again tomorrow and each weekday at 11:00 and 2:00 p.m. eastern. david shuster picks up our coverage. what do you have? this is shaping up as another very dramatic day on capitol hill and the fight over health care reform. we will have the latest including a possible discussion about legal challenges to health care reform. also, tiger woods is making his plans for the masters golf tournament. reaction has been pouring in from across the world. woods' announcement that he will go back to the links in three weeks. we'll have some of that. you can bet on the masters tournament. we'll look at gambling in the united states as part of our series "is america ready" and today is america ready to legalize gambling nationwide? a heck of a show coming up and starts after this. my doctor said most calcium supplements...
2:56 pm
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2:59 pm
it's the top of the hour at msnbc and here is a look at some of the stories we are following. >> if my vote is to be counted, let it count now for passage of the bill. >> liberal congressman dennis kucinich who previously voted no on health care says he will honor the wishes of president obama and will now vote yes. how much closer does this bring house democrats to the majority they need? plus the reaction has been pouring in today to tiger woods' announcement that he will return to the pga tour at the masters tournament in three weeks. can this high profile celebrity avoid the lingering questions about his character? and remember this? >> money won is twice as sweet. >> paul newman on screen summed up the allure of gambling. today in our special series "is america ready" we will look at the trend and ask whether gambling in our nation should be legalized everywhere. hello everybody.


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